Changsha fireworks and firecrackers industry mechanization comprehensive penetration rate has reached 78%

Beautiful flowers, the production process but there are security risks, with Changsha to promote the full mechanization of the production of fireworks, the overall penetration rate of the industry has reached 78%, the number of accidents hit a record low. A gorgeous fireworks bloom over Orange Island.
Changsha Evening News (reporter correspondent Zhou Cong laughs Zhang Haijiao) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Changsha City Administration of work safety, 2015 to the first quarter of this year, city's fireworks industry accidents from number, deaths, injured toll and economic loss and the four indexes achieve substantial decline, a record low over the years, and for the first time to put an end to the year the military nitrate, black powder, lead, and explosion accident. Since 2015, Changsha City comprehensively promote "fireworks production mechanization engineering", guide and encourage enterprises to eliminate backward production capacity, support R & D and the application of common fireworks production machinery, upgrading production machinery and equipment, effectively promote the production of fireworks and firecrackers "substitution of mechanization and automation Jianren". At present, the city's fireworks industry machinery of comprehensive popularization rate has reached 78%, the basic realization of procedure involving drug "man-machine separation, medicine separation", from essentially greatly reduces the security risk, transformation and innovation to the traditional industry has obtained a new life.
Industry memory - to find a breakthrough in the plight of
Over the years, the high risk of the development of fireworks and firecrackers industry all the way. From the fireworks ancestor Li Tian exploding the first fireworks today fireworks lit the night sky, the fireworks industry experienced a long process of development. On 10 years ago, manufacturing industry in the manual workshop, every household to do fireworks, safety accidents like bubbles in the marsh, who also can not be predicted under a will be coming out of nowhere.
National fireworks look at Changsha, Liuyang fireworks to see Changsha. Liuyang is the main producing areas of the fireworks, existing fireworks production enterprises 889, products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, regardless of the number of enterprises and the production value have accounted for more than 60% of the country, engaged in the fireworks industry related to the staff of 32 million people.
For thousands of years of development, fireworks and firecrackers in Liuyang has formed a complete industrial chain, becoming a local geographical brand. In this industry, people reluctant to abandon, have a strong humanistic feelings and regional culture. "Since it can not be completely quit, it is a breakthrough in the security project, to promote fireworks and firecrackers industry on the track of sound development." Advances a new idea of supervision, supervision of high-risk industries in Changsha City Safety Supervision Bureau Wen Weihong, the final goal is to eliminate risk industry, make industry become more and more "high risk".
Integration of resources - quality enterprises bigger and stronger
The fireworks industry to win, we must get rid of the traditional manual mode. In recent years, Changsha fireworks firecracker industry closely around the goal of "intensive enterprises, equipment mechanization, standardization of production, information management and process safety, environmentally friendly products", the bold innovation. The government to guide and encourage some of the poor production conditions, inability to rectify security risks of enterprises to actively apply for withdrawal, and gradually eliminate the small, scattered, chaotic, poor, the production enterprise. Integration of quality resources, guidance and coordination of the strong part of the strength of the merger and reorganization of enterprises, to promote the enterprise bigger and stronger to do security. At the same time, strict norms of fireworks wholesale and operation of the market, strictly according to the law to implement the rectification and closure measures.
Liuyang City in-depth implementation of fireworks industry "intensive, mechanization, standardization, informationization and" safety, environmental protection type "two types of" modernization "strategy, adhere to fuyoufujiang, small and eliminating the inferior limit, constantly optimize the industrial structure, improve industrial quality. Since 2013, Liuyang City, through the powerful combination, mergers and acquisitions, the integration of restructuring and other ways, the integration of the 200 companies out, the new set up 4 large fireworks group. At present, Liuyang fireworks group has reached 13, of which 2 became a listing Corporation.
According to statistics, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Changsha fireworks production and number of enterprises by 1350 reduced to 967, yihelong, century red, Eastcom and so on a number of annual output value of billions of dollars of scale enterprises have emerged. Enterprise strength has increased, the ability to continuously upgrade security, to further promote the development and innovation of the industry. Science and technology, make the machine to do the fireworks fireworks production is a typical labor-intensive industries, also because of the direct contact of the workers, security risk only has the highest. High risk industry how to achieve the essence of security? Fireworks and firecrackers out of a road of science and technology in Xingan.
Over the years, Changsha and Liuyang municipal levels of government together to support the Liuyang fireworks engineering technology research center to carry out technological innovation, has developed a fuse automation production equipment, fireworks bounce enough ball equipment, potted plant assembling machine, fireworks and drums automation complete sets of equipment, such as a group of good safety performance, high productivity machinery and equipment.
2015, Changsha City, and comprehensively promote the production of fireworks and firecrackers". Guide and encourage enterprises to eliminate backward production capacity, support R & D and the application of common fireworks production machinery, and upgrading production machinery and equipment, effectively promote the production of fireworks and firecrackers "substitution of mechanization and automation Jianren". Liuyang City establish fireworks production machinery quality reconstruction list, ordered the elimination of backward production capacity, technical content is low, safety performance poor equipment, enhance the level of safe production in enterprises. At the same time, comprehensive start fireworks "mechanized production engineering", the establishment of fireworks and firecrackers machinery R & D center, increase the risk process automation machinery and equipment research and development, the successful development of combination of fireworks fully automated production machinery, pyrotechnic automatic granulation molding equipment etc., effectively enhance the smoke flower and firecrackers production enterprise security level and production efficiency.
According to incomplete statistics, in the operation of the automatic medicine mixing machinery, granulation machinery, automatic group basin machinery, firecrackers, automatic loading machine and other machinery more than. Among them, the fuse, black powder production have achieved full mechanization of operations. The city's fireworks and firecrackers industry mechanization comprehensive penetration rate of 78%, the basic realization of drug related processes, human medicine separation, human medicine separation, the nature of a significant reduction in the industry's security risks.
At present, Changsha fireworks safety supervision work has been gradually entered the era of information. 2015 construction of the production and operation of monitoring system, can monitor the production of fireworks and firecrackers. City's integration of the resources of the fireworks and firecrackers logistics enterprises GPS monitoring platform, the traffic police of public security traffic safety management system information system, establish clear responsibilities, and efficient operation of the emergency response mechanism and fireworks and firecrackers product flow of information supervision mechanism, safety supervision, industry and commerce, quality supervision, traffic, public security and other regulatory information basic interconnection, let the fireworks products production, management, storage, transport and discharge of such into the closed-loop management mode.

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