Liuyang fireworks is expected to open up new export channels

Liuyang daily news (reporter Xiao Xue) 20, Guangxi Qinzhou Municipal government deputy secretary general Wu Xiaohua rate delegation went to Liuyang, fireworks industry and the safety in production work for a period of two days of investigation, seek cooperation opportunities between the two sides.
At present, Liuyang fireworks products mainly through two ports of Shanghai and the North Sea of Sinotrans, open up new access to the sea has been put on the agenda of the relevant departments. The Guangxi delegation to visit Qinzhou City, one of the issues is to discuss Liuyang fireworks exports transport port business matters.
The forum held yesterday, city fireworks, safety supervision, inspection and Quarantine Bureau and other relevant units responsible person to Qinzhou city delegation, the Liuyang fireworks safety production management, industrial development planning in the practice and achievements. Next, the two sides will also discuss how to strengthen the fireworks products in transportation, warehousing and inspection clearance and other aspects of the safety management and open up the fireworks products export channel etc. work to further exchanges and cooperation.
Municipal Standing Committee, vice mayor Wu Min attended the forum.

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